Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tablet bed blogging

I'm laying in my bed, tablet on my stomach, attempting to blog.  I FIND THIS VERY DIFFICULT.  If you hold the tablet with one hand then you have to use the other to type everything with.  Otherwise,  you have to use a split keyboard format so that you can hold the tablet with both hands whilst typing with your thumbs.  This does not work well either.  I would dare attempt to use the voice recognition, but because my lovely wife is quietly reading beside me, I don't dare to disturb her. Anyways, final verdict... don't tablet blog in the bed unless you are sitting upright, and have some kind of place to rest the device.

Ugh.... I'm stopping now.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Paper news is slow

I'm at the light, when I hear a paper bum peddling the news of junior seaus death. I already knew about this half a day ago, and I wondered about the current validity of news print media. And not so much to call them out as a dying media, but really to wonder what the long term evolution will be. In a world with lightning fast information that doesn't require printing and physical distribution, how can something like that stay relevant and even profitable, if even sustainable? Then the light turns green, and I realize I'm a pretentious douchebag.